Industries Served

Aarrowcast provides 50,000 tons of ductile and gray iron castings annually to more than 100 customers in various industries, including agricultural equipment, government and defense, heavy truck, pumps and valves, industrial equipment, compressors, mining and construction, and railroad.

Agricultural Equipment

CharterAarrowcast produces a complete range of cast products for farm equipment. Products include tractor frames, center housings, axles, cases, and cultivating and harvesting accessories ranging up to 2000 pounds.

Government / Defense

CharterAarrowcast was the first foundry to achieve approval to produce high toughness, low temperature ductile iron castings for the U.S. Air Force and Navy. The metallurgical and dimensional requirements for these products are extraordinary, and CharterAarrowcast’s success is another indication of technical competence in metallurgy, process control and foundry engineering.

Heavy Truck

CharterAarrowcast produces castings for drive and steering axles and associated drive line components for military, construction, emergency vehicle, and off-highway application.

Pumps & Valves

Detailed core processes are used to produce intricate pump and valve castings that are free of internal discontinuities.

Industrial Equipment

The diverse molding capabilities at CharterAarrowcast support the material handling, irrigation, turf care and other industrial markets.


Compressor components ranging in size up to 2000 pounds and with wide ranging levels of complexity are efficiently produced utilizing CharterAarrowcast’s wide ranges of molding and core making equipment.

Mining & Construction

CharterAarrowcast produces a variety of products for mining and construction equipment including large cast back-hoe components, track drive components, and drive gear components.


Complex metallurgy allows CharterAarrowcast to produce high strength castings for the railroad industry.